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About Ellanion Studios

Ellanion Studios in Aegina is a family-run business that aims to host guests with quality in an intimate setting. Built in early 2017, they provide the visitor with the comforts of a modern apartment and the ideal conditions. Built in early 2017, they provide the visitor with the comforts of a modern apartment and the ideal conditions for long or short stays.


The name of the complex came from the toponym of a region of Aegina. The highest mountain of the island called Mount Ellanios Zeus, from a sanctuary temple dedicated to Zeus, which was located at the foot of the mountain during ancient times.

In particular, the nickname of Zeus Ellanios came from mythology from the time of the great conflict, the holy ruler of Light Zeus, together with the celestial state “Phoenix”, the most distinguished academics and experienced warriors, DRA-VIDES from Andromeda , ARIOUS from SIRIUM, MY-NYES from PLEIADES and GARAMANES from OREON. All Andromeda Hellenic “E”, with the final destination of GAIA.

Ellanios in the language of the heavens means “Bright Light” and declares the origin of those coming from the brightest stellar region of Galaxy, Andromeda, called “Hellenia” (LIGHT), and is the first region of the Milky Way that the Sacred Lord Light Zeus .

The intense and clear light is one of the characteristics of Aegina, and some of the most important artists who lived and created in Aegina such as Capralos, Moralis, Nicolaos and other great scholars and artists came out to be the ideal and special.

Light also is still the main word of Aegina’s promotional campaign, which has the slogan “Life is Light”.


Ellanion Studios in Aegina offers high quality hospitality providing the visitor with amenities like those he enjoys in his own home.


Ellanion Studios is centrally located in Aegina, a short distance from the port of the island and close to all points of interest.


Ellanion Studios was built in the beginning of 2017 with a view to the excellent hospitality of the visitors and to the facilities for long-stay accommodation.

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